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My name is Mark Seymour, and I am the owner of Seymour Travels.

Having worked in the travel industry for only six years - with a previous career in architectural and artistic renovation - I am fortunate to have been recruited by Rick Steves at the very beginning to guide tours of Britain. His company introduced me to the concept of small group travel, and I am very grateful for that; however, I wanted to do even smaller group travel, and so Seymour Travels was born.

I have always enjoyed travel and have experienced every type of traveling adventure, from backpack vacations in North Africa to fjord cruises around the Baltic. From white water rafting trips through the Grand Canyon to villa holidays on the island of Gozo. Travel experiences can be fun, energetic, relaxing, scenic, awesome, tiring, exhilarating or all of the above. When you spend the precious vacation time that you earn to travel, you should experience adventures…big adventures or small adventures, it really doesn't matter, but you should experience something new, something thrilling and above all, something educational and perhaps even perspective-broadening. When you tour with me or one of my colleagues, we will endeavour to help you achieve these goals.

As a young man, I enjoyed playing team sports at a high level, and I believe that team camaraderie is something to be enjoyed on a small group tour as well. I do my best to build this esprit de corps in the short time that we have together, thereby enhancing our experience in the process.

Touring with us also means getting outdoors to explore and enjoy the landscape. We do our share of museums, cathedrals and castles, but it is my firm belief that to truly understand the people who built these things, we must also understand the land and environment that moulded them, that shaped who they were and what motivated them. On our tours, you will discover the remarkable people behind the history, a history that is directly connected to their respect for the land and their pride of place.

I grew up in the South West of England, in a small town nestled amongst the moors and clinging to the cliffs of North Devon. This is literary country-think Daphne du Maurier, Charles Kingsley, Thomas Hardy, R.D. Blackmore, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Edward Capern. This area is also brimming with maritime history-think Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Richard Grenville and Robert Falcon Scott (of the Antarctic). It is a beautiful and still-isolated part of the British Isles that has played an incredible role in the history of Britain. Devonian seafarers explored the world and defended our trade routes, so enabling Britain's Empire to develop. Its soldiers have fought in World Wars to protect others' rights and liberties, and its scientists have been responsible for discoveries that have allowed us all to have better and longer lives. I am very proud of my native land.

I am also proud of the people who still live there. Today, North Devon is only a small community of "hard" people who live on the land and who haven't benefited much from the economic growth that Britain has seen through the centuries. Agriculture and tourism are still the mainstays of their economy, so the people of Devon know both the necessity and the rewards of hard work. I hope that I bring these characteristics to my tours and will always strive to make every tour a unique and memorable experience for all who travel with me.

If you wish to contact us regarding available tours for 2016-2017 or would like to discuss your travel needs, please email us at seymourtravels@europe.com. Seymour Travels is registered in the United States.

Below are images of the type of vehicle that we use for our tours. They are large 9 seat vehicles with comfortable and spacious interiors.

We use two vehicles when necessary.